The Psalms

Index of Psalms

Psalms 1-30 Psalms 31-60 Psalms 61-90 Psalms 91-120 Psalms 121-150

The Psalms are the spiritual songs of the Bible used by those who believed in the promised Saviour before He was born, and by Christ and His followers.

Christians sing them today. The New Testament quotes from them constantly to show who the promised Saviour would be and what He would do.

Jesus Christ fulfils all the promises and prophecies in the Psalms, and they are crammed with practical help about how we can come to know the Lord, understand why He came, lived a perfect life and died in our place at the Cross.

They reveal God’s infinite power, unsearchable riches in Christ and immeasurable love for us, unworthy as we are. They also guide us through God’s word in how we can honour the Lord as we live in troublesome and tempting times.They will feed, encourage, strengthen, convince, convert and comfort you, depending on your need.