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wp01cb792c_05To ‘mark time’ can mean you set aside time to do something. ‘Mark’ time also indicates that you are investing time in Mark’s Gospel. Marching soldiers pause to ‘mark time’ to await further directions before proceeding. Each meaning rightly applies to the Mark Time Book, CDs, Discussion Course, and Correspondence Course. Time set aside will help you, as you get to know this simplest and shortest Gospel and apply it to your own life.The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, begin the New Testament’s twenty-seven books which with the Old Testament’s thirty nine books are included in the Bible’s sixty six books. The Old Testament covers from God’s creation of the universe until the coming to Planet Earth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  ‘Gospel’ means ‘good news’! Here is good news about the birth, life, work, teaching, miracles, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Learn how to come to know and follow Him, experience His forgiveness and help, and receive the new life He gives. That really is good news!

Each chapter of Mark Time, whether in the Book or CDs, contains the passage of Mark’s Gospel covered in that chapter. Mark Time covers the whole of Mark’s Gospel, from start to finish.

How can you best benefit from the Mark Time Book and CDs? (The Discussion Course and Correspondence Course each contain their own guidance about how best to use them).

1. Ask God to bless you by speaking to you through His word. Pray that He will help you understand and trust His word, and put it into practice in your life.

2. Read twice through the text of Mark’s Gospel covered in each chapter of Mark Time.

3. Read and think through Mark Time’s explanation of the passage of Mark’s Gospel. The book contains helpful sub-titles and footnotes not found in the CDs.

4. Play the relevant CD track twice and listen to the passage and explanation.

5. Consider the three set questions at the end of each chapter of Mark Time. The extra Bible verses noted will help you to be guided by other parts of the Bible as well as by Mark’s Gospel.

6. Pray over what you have learned. Again, ask God to help you to apply that in detail to your own life.

7. Review it all later by reading and listening through the chapter of Mark Time again.

These seven points can be adapted where Mark Time is used for Bible studies, study groups, or for one-on-one teaching.

Mark Time may be used with any translation of Mark’s Gospel. The four translations used in the book and CDs are:—chapters 1 to 4 – New International Version (‘NIV’); chapters 5 to 8 – New American Standard Bible (‘NASB’); chapters 9 to 12—English Standard Version (‘ESV’); and chapters 13 to 16 New King James Version (‘NKJV’). The Bible references function as follows:  Mark 1:1-14 means Mark chapter 1, verses 1 to 14.

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