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wp01cb792c_05As you listen to the postscript above you will realise there are two supplements to the book and CDs. In Gerard and Phillippa’s work in prison, and also in churches and with groups and individuals thinking through the Christian faith there are two options worth considering.

The first is to use Mark Time the Book as the basis of a discussion group, perhaps also using the Discussion Course manual available from the publishers, DayOne.wp92e0b389

Additionally you may wish to begin the Mark Time Correspondence Course which offers a two-level course. If you are considering the Christian Faith please contact us and we will supply this course freely. Your only cost will be postage in returning the answers to us. Please contact us to request this.

wpa2c73b23_06The Correspondence Course has also been used by churches as a study course for their members, youth groups and enquiring friends. Christians wishing to use it in this way may obtain copies from DayOne, the publishers.

Mark Time may also be used to ‘kick start’ your daily Bible reading time. Sometimes this is called the ‘Quiet Time’. Finally, if you want to read through the whole Bible Gerard Chrispin has written The Bible Panorama, it is available to preview here. This provides an introduction to every book, and every chapter of the Bible. In the second half of the book it provides a huge resource of background information for those who are new to the Bible. There is a CD with the book so that those who have a computer or Kindle may read it in pdf format. You are able to purchase it here.  

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